Recording with Sister Sin

Yeah, this is my first post in english, and I pretty much suck at it so, please have patience.
Last week, thursday, friday and saturday I recorded a single for the band Sister Sin.

This is an old picture, they have a new bassplayer now.

Anyway, we started recording the drums and the bass.  For the drums I pretty much used my standard setup, the kit was almost miced up and ready to go.  I cranked my APIs I bit more for that sweet API punch on the kick and snare, other than that, nothing unusuall.


And for the bass I used the WarWick Hellborg preamp that I’ve borrowed from Jimmy Jay of H.E.A.T, it sounds pretty good. And then I used the Softube Bas Amp Room, Sansamp, 1176 Blue Face and finally a LA2A to even it out.

Alright.  Then day 2 we printed all the guitars. I used some different stuff here.  First of all we used the Randall T2 head which sounded really really well. Mic’ed up in one of my recording rooms with a SM57 on axis and a Röde NT2A on another cone off axis.


I recently purchased the Overloud TH2 guitar modeling amp, and it actually has the Randall T2 modeled, and I made a pretty cool test to see how close they were. Unfortunately I have a custom speaker cabinet so I couldn’t make the test 100% correct.   But I split the signal from the guitar and sent one of them to the real head and the other to the plug in, exactly the same settings, same mic and kind of the same cabinett. No eq, no nothing.  Here is the result.

Randall T2 real head.

Randall T2 plug-in

And yeah, sure there is a little different. But I think they have captured the feel of the Randall really well in the plug-in. And with the correct cabinet I think it would be even closer.

And like always, I dubbed the Randall guitar that Jimmy played with his Washburn guitar with Seymour Duncan pickup’s with like 2 different plug-ins and with a Telecaster that we have in the studio that sounds really thick. I used the Softube Vintage Amp Room and Softube Metal Amp Room that are really awesome plug-ins I think.   We also recorded some other dubs and stuff but I’ll keep that info for my self..   😉

And then on saturday Liv came to the studio and printed all the vocals. The vocals was produced by Sara Biglert and co-produced by me and the band, just like always. For this I used the Erhlund custom tube mic that made the vocal sound really thick. Thru a API512C –>1176–>LA2A, can’t go wrong with that setup.

Later this week I’m going to start mix the song.



Until then, the truth is out there!





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