H.E.A.T acoustic technotes

Here are the technotes for the acoustic liverecording I did for H.E.A.T.
First of all here is the video

They recorded it like 3-4 times live and we picked the best part. A couple of friends ran with the camera.
I didn’t use the expensive mics this time cause the guys had some beers and I didn’t want to think about it during the tracking.
Lead Vocals: Neumann U87 –> SSL Alpha Pre –> TubeTech CL1B –> TubeTech EQP1
Backing Vocals: Shure SM57s –> API512c
Piano: Avid MiniGrand
Bass: Randall Vintage head –> 1×12
Cabinett –> AKG D112 –> Neve 1073
Guitar Dave: Line Audio CM3 –> Neve 1073
Guitar Eric: Line Audio CM3 –> API512c
Percussion: Shure Beta52 for bottoms and Shure Beta56 for crisp.
Mixed only with Digidesign EQIII, Massey CT4 dynamics ITB thru Slate Digital VCC and GML8200 on the master.


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