Microphone Shootout, Acoustic Guitar

Welcome to our second microphone shootout. And thank you for the massive support on out vocal microphone shootout we did 2 weeks ago.
So here are the technotes for the test:

SolidState Condensers:

Neumann U87
Röde NT2A
Sontronics Opheus
JJlabs BMC2

Tube Condensers:

Manley Ref C
Röde K2

Small Condensers:

Neumann KMS84
AKG C451
Calrec CM1050
Line Audio CM3
Sontronics STC1
Röde NT5


Royer Labs R-121
JJLabs Ribbon
Sontronics Sigma


Guitar TanglewoodTW15NS —> Microphone –> SSL X Logic Alpha Channel –> 30hz rolloff –> Digidesign 192I/O
Recorded in 192Khz / 24-bit.
Recorded in a great treatened room @ Standstraight Music, Stockholm Sweden.
All the files has a bit of different performance.
Producersnote:  The ribbons sound really dark and dull with this preamp for some reason, even with higher impedance. But I tried to put some TubeTech EQP1 eq on them and they soundet absolutley amazing so.
And yeah, we know that the performance is a little bit different on each and every take, but that’s just the way it is in a real recording situation so we just went with it.  Hope you enjoy it anyways…  🙂
Once again, we got to thank the guys at JAM here i Stockholm for support and providing us with a couple of the mics. You can get great deals from there, we bought most of the stuff in our studio there, including the guitar in this test many years ago.

Here are the clips, make sure you watch them in HD because of the sound.

Small Condensers:

SolidState Condensers:



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